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A Center of Mathematical Quantum Mechanics

The Research Training Group 1838, Spectral Theory and Dynamics of Quantum Systems, is a coordinated research and PhD program in at the Universities of Stuttgart and Tübingen. It started October 1st 2013 and it is supported by the German Science Foundation with funds provided by state and federal governments.

The research is devoted to the mathematics of many-body quantum systems including electron-phonon and particle-radiation systems, BEC and BCS-theory, effective theories emerging in suitable scaling-limits and the study of the resulting, usually non-linear equations. While analytical methods will play a dominant role, some numerical aspects will be considered as well A schematic overview of the research program in German may be found here.

The PhD program offers a large variety of scientific activities including specialized courses, workshops, guest lectures by visiting scientists, conferences and more. Funds for traveling to international conferences and for visits to foreign universities are provided for both PhD and Post-doctoral students.

For further information in German please see the press release Nr. 33 hereThe role of Mathematics in Quantum Mechanics and Science is well explained in a public lecture given
by Prof. Maria Esteban in Stuttgart on Nov. 20, 2013:video